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LAHM Closing Ceremony – Day of the Dead
02 Nov 2022 5:00 PM 7:00 PM
LAHM Closing Ceremony – Day of the Dead
  • 02-11-2022

On it’s closing on November 2nd we will host a community gathering to remember our dearly departed with live music, Mexican food and hot chocolate. We will laugh and cry and remember that being alive is a blessing and dead is not the end.

Limited space available 


Calpulli Cemanahuac Aztec Dance group Vancouver
Is a closely woven group of people that are devoted to preserving the traditions and rituals of pre-Hispanic culture. We approach this traditions not only as invaluable cultural heritage, but as a representation of the eternal, and universal, quest for cosmic harmony and for the integration of body-mind-spirit. In their therapeutic aspect, these traditions and rituals, enhance emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. These dances are accompaniment by ancient drum rhythms, high-energy foot work  and are highlighted by the chatter of ankle rattles.

Mariachi Los Dorados trio
Truly Mexican Proudly Canadian Mariachi Los Dorados a Vancouver based band. since 2003 have been performing the sounds in the traditional art form of Mariachi Style.

Nahualli Folklore
Is a multidisciplinary and multicultural dance project, an artistic narrative that invites us to work in community.  Nahualli is registered non-profit dance organization established in Vancouver, B.C. Canada since 2010.  For 10 years we have shared Mexican Dance in Vancouver,  Canada.





Social :
  • Time : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (UTC-7)