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Latin American Arts Exhibition Connecting with Mother Earth
15 Oct 2022 12:00 PM 5:00 PM
Latin American Arts Exhibition Connecting with Mother Earth
  • 15-10-2022 - 01-11-2022

During 20 consecutive days the Latino community and the general public will have the opportunity to contemplate works by different Latino painters and artists. 

The exhibition will be free and at the entrance you will be given an explanation of the artists and their art pieces. This year we will have the opportunity to have more altars among them Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador. In this space we will recognize the similarities of other Latin countries with the day of the dead and All Saints, which is also celebrated in Spain.


 Clarissa Banos (El Salvador)

Clarissa Banos is a visual artist originally from El Salvador, whose artwork focuses on traditional Latin American culture and folklore. Her ancestral heritage is what inspires her colourful acrylic paintings: She is passionate about the magnificence of indigenous civilizations of the Ancient Americas and particularly intrigued by the PreHispanic iconography found in ancient textiles of Mexico, Central America and South America. In addition, Banos showcases indigenous women as the axis of a magical universe in celebration of Latin America’s idiosyncrasies, popular culture and folklore. Her academic credentials include a BFA in Graphic Design, from Universidad Dr. Jose Matias Delgado, El Salvador, and a MFA in Graphic Design, from University of Illinois at Chicago, where she graduated as a Fulbright LASPAU Scholarship grantee. Her professional background combines over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, visual artist and visual arts instructor. Clarissa Banos paintings can be found in private art collections in Central and South America, United States, Canada and Europe. She moved to New Westminster, BC, in 2001, where she now lives and works as a visual artist and visual arts instructor.

Carmen Keitsch (Mexico)

Born in in the small town of Navolato, Sinaloa, Mexico she discovered her passion for the arts and classical music early in her life. Thus, inspired her to study theatre , pottery, music and painting. By the age of 15, a great painter Hermilio Soto Miller became her teacher and mentor. It was then when she was exposed to, and influenced by great artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, and recently by Beau Dick and Hans Hofmann. Carmen moved to Canada in 1989 where she began to explore Pre-Hispanic folk art combining symbolism, poetry and color. History and culture of the native Aztec and Maya people of North America are strongly reflected in her art. Her paintings also display a profound spiritual meaning of her life journey and those around her.

Comohombre (Guatemala/Colombia)

Como is a first-generation Afro-Hispanic settler born and primarily raised in Hogan’s Alley, bc. Her roots and connection to Buenaventura and Guatemala is expressed through vibrant color schemes. Comohombre’s artwork incorporates her suburban youth and culture in mediums like collage, digital illustration, set design, photography and painting. Her illustrations of people, objects and scripture are drawn obscurely. The composition of the lines and patterns intend to keep the viewer on a journey of uncertainty and curiosity.

Elvira DS (Mexico-Canada)  and Dolores Altin (Canada)

Dolores Altin and Elvira Monteforte are Placemakers, designers and multi-media artists who work with communities to guide their ideas towards a collective art expression. They  are a collaborative artistic duo with backgrounds anchored in visual arts, industrial design and landscape architecture,  have extensive experience in engaging with youth, adults and seniors of all backgrounds to design, create and steward community spaces. They are building theirbrand around environmental art, creating awareness of ecological processes, using natural and manmade materials that have been recycled or up-cycled to create original works of art that connect nature and community. Their  art is site specific and designed to work within local ecology. They have been building their collaborative practice together since 2019 after many years of individual experience in art and design. We have proven to be a successful team in delivering projects from concept to completion.   

Marcelina Posada. (Colombia)

Marcelina was born in Colombia, She studied Architecture and Fine Arts. She have been painting for more than 35 years and her art has been displayed in different Art Galleries in Bogota and Vancouver. She also has collaborated in several works of architecture and design in Bogotá.

Juan Pablo Vega (Venezuela)

Juan Pablo Vega is from Venezuela an Artist, live painter, illustrator, graphic designer and lead singer of the band Rocket Fuel.





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